The Real Brown Girls Collective

a multi-industry national network of professional women of color ready to link and level up!

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The Real Brown Girls National Collective

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The #RealBrownGirls Collective is the national members-only online hub for professional Women of Color who are ready to link + level up professionally and personally. 

Is this you?

  • You're dope but you need new friends  
  • You've never been or felt part of a professional membership community
  • You're missing the type of professional development you need that will get you the promotions you desire.
  • You’re frustrated often because you can't seem to accomplish the professional or personal goals you've set for yourself.
  • You need new friends because your current circle is content and you're ready to take things in your life to the next level; professionally, financially and beyond. 
  • You believe networking is a full-time job and you are tired of being "on" just to have conversation after conversation that ultimately goes nowhere. 
  • You need an accountability partner or two because you haven't been able to quite follow through on the plans you've laid out for yourself. 

Are you craving authentic connections?

more access + learning?

more meetups + events?

Real Brown Girls' new membership group, the RBG Collective, is your source for original content, digital tools, and an intimate community of professional brown girls nationwide. As a member of the RBG Collective, you become a part of a supportive community of dope women who understand and value professional and personal growth. The RBG Collective is a community of  women of color dedicated to success as we define it. Simply put, it's for us and by us. 


 Immediate access to 14+ masterclasses 

Exclusive membership discounts 

Early access to all events

Access to our online member portal 

Access to LIVE virtual monthly group accountability webinars

Access to monthly masterclasses/workshops curated to address real life professional + personal issues 

Access to special live webinars featuring some amazing Real Brown Girls 

Connect with supportive and success-minded women through our online community + growing local chapters.

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Current Local Chapters

Atlanta, GA

New York, NY

Washington DC

How to request a chapter in your area?

Step One: Become a digital member

Step Two: Become an Ambassador inviting women to join from your area 

Step Three: Inform Sable you want to be a chapter president or are ready to start a chapter, and voila, a chapter is born

Who are Real Brown Girls?

  • we are educated and ambitious 
  • we are city girls and suburban chic 
  • we are single, we are married, we are mothers, and we are fly aunties 
  • we are entry and mid level in our careers, with a dash of senior level handing out wisdom
  • we are believers in the power of community and numbers
  • we know how to have FUN in real life 

How can you get access to all of this information?

Once you've paid your membership dues, you will have full access to our online member portal. From there, you will have full membership benefits, including  access all of the content, upcoming events, previous masterclasses, chapter communication, and more.

How much are membership dues?

Need to pay monthly? $12.99 

No local presence or only want a digital a membership? $74.99 annually 

You want it all and your city has a local chapter? $124.99 annually 

A sisterhood is waiting for you with open arms, join us. Why wait?

ps: we can’t wait to welcome you!

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